cluster_toolkit.concentration module

Halo concentration.

cluster_toolkit.concentration.concentration_at_M(Mass, k, P, n_s, Omega_b, Omega_m, h, T_CMB=2.7255, delta=200, Mass_type='crit')[source]

Concentration of the NFW profile at mass M [Msun/h]. Only implemented relation at the moment is Diemer & Kravtsov (2015).

Note: only single concentrations at a time are allowed at the moment.

  • Mass (float) – Mass in Msun/h.
  • k (array like) – Wavenumbers of power spectrum in h/Mpc comoving.
  • P (array like) – Linear matter power spectrum in (Mpc/h)^3 comoving.
  • n_s (float) – Power spectrum tilt.
  • Omega_b (float) – Baryonic matter density fraction.
  • Omega_m (float) – Matter density fraction.
  • h (float) – Reduced Hubble constant.
  • T_CMB (float) – CMB temperature in Kelvin, default is 2.7.
  • delta (int; optional) – Overdensity, default is 200.
  • Mass_type (string; optional) –

NFW concentration.

Return type: