Radially Averaged Projected ProfilesΒΆ

Weak lensing measurements are bin-averaged quantities. That is, they are measurements of a quantity with a radial bin around the lens. This module allows for calculating radially averaged projected profiles from continuous profiles. Mathematically this is

\[\overline{\Delta\Sigma} = \frac{2}{R_2^2-R_1^2}\int_{R_1}^{R_2}{\rm d}R' R'\Delta\Sigma(R').\]

This can be computed in the code by using

from cluster_toolkit import averaging
#Assume DeltaSigma at R_perp are computed here
N_bins = 15
bin_edges = np.logspace(np.log10(0.2), np.log10(30.), N_bins+1)
#Bin edges are from 200 kpc/h to 30 Mpc/h
averaged_DeltaSigma = averaging.average_profile_in_bins(bin_edges, R_perp, DeltaSigma)


The average_profile_in_bins function can work with any projected profile.


The returned average profile will be an array of length \(N_{\rm bins}\).